Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia regressa em 2021

Acaba de ser adiada para 2021 a celebração do 15º Aniversário do festival Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia pelos motivos mais que conhecidos.

A 15ª edição vai acontecer de 30 de Junho a 3 de Julho de 2021.

Deixamos aqui parte do comunicado (em inglês) da organização do Festival Galego:


“…That is why the 15th edition of Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia will be held from the 30th June to 3rd July 2021, the same weekend as this year. All the tickets will be valid without further paperwork and the most likely scenario is that the lineup will be almost the same including the headliners and with more artists and surprises. Before going into detail, we want to tell you this is the hardest moment in our history and, even though there has not been as much communication as usual lately, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes (…)

How can you help the festival? The short answer is to keep your tickets for next year, they’re valid for 2021 automatically. The long answer: for the culture and especially the live music industry, these times are being very hard. Some events take a year and a half to create and depend on being celebrated during a few specific days. This means all the work done for the last months was for nothing and it implies many financial losses and jobs. After selling out our tickets in October, we were expecting 120.000 people throughout the 4 days, an absolut attendance record, and we had many surprises ready: changes in the venue for a bigger comfort, new decoration, special shows, etc. This year we would feature more than 1.200 direct employees and 2.700 indirect jobs with an economic impact of 17 million euros in the region in just one week. All those jobs will now be lost and many companies that work every year with us will be in a delicate situation too. (…)


Thanks again for your support and understanding. Support music and culture in these hard times. Together we can do it. See you in Viveiro!”