À conversa com Myles Sanko sobre “Just being me”…

Myles Sanko acaba de lançar o seu terceiro álbum “Just being me”. Um álbum mais orgânico, mais Myles Sanko como o próprio traduz na sua música neste terceiro disco. Nestes primeiros dias de 2017 tivemos a oportunidade de estar à conversa com o músico britânico, que confessou gostar muito de Portugal, especialmente do “frango de churrasco”, e de estar a planear uma digressão pelo verão.

Aqui fica o essêncial desta conversa conduzida por Paulo Homem de Melo

Glam: You have just release “Just being me”, what’s the public/media reaction of these new songs, specially in Britain?

Myles: So far it has been amazing and I am very proud of it. “Just being me” is reaching places my previous 2 album couldn’t.


Glam: In 2015, you have been consider as “the best British soul secret”. You still a secret, or the secret has been reveal?

Myles: I am still a secret I’d say but have been working the scene now for a while now and the quality of my music is slowly getting known. I am not going to be a secret for long and soon I am going to have to let the whole world in.


Glam: The title “Just being me” is what you want to transmit with these new songs? Being you?

Myles: With my first 2 albums I talk about my past but with this new one I wanted it to be about the me of today not yesterday. I wanted to write from the heart and talk about things that mean a lot to me, like love in all it’s sense, hope and politics. With this new album I wanted to go for a classic Jazz production, a dramatic and cinematic album to help convey my message. “Just Being Me” feels a lot more grown up and captures my musical journey from my youthful Hip-Hop beginnings through to my re-discovery of Soul and now Jazz. I wanted to take my fans to a new and exciting place.


Glam: Your music join soul with jazz influences, but in this new record we can find some new influences. Can we expect a change in the future, as you have a different background in the past?

Myles: I have gone through my stage of discovery and now I think I am at the stage of understanding, accepting who I am and who I am becoming. This doesn’t mean I am never going to change, because I believe that the greatest musicians of all time were the ones that were able to evolve no matter what. Music doesn’t make us who we are but we make music what it is.


Glam: About the songs from “Just being me”, also we can find some strong lyrics such as “This ain’t living” or “Land of paradise”, it’s being you? Or do you want the leave a message?

Myles: I don’t try to deliver the strong or correct message but only my message. As far back as I can remember I have always love music with a deeper meaning and that’s somehow rubbed off on me. I do feel the responsibility to say something that means something, whilst at the sametime producing music that everyone can enjoy. It’s a win-win!


Glam: Once again you celebrate the love in this new record. I remember your words in the last concert in Portugal where you talk about love with passion. Are you an eternal “Soul lover”?

Myles: Well I wouldn’t say eternal “Soul lover” as I do struggle to write love songs if I should be truly honest with you. Expressing hate, anger is easier than expressing love, and sometimes we forget the beautiful things in life only to focus on the bad things. We must be aware of the bad things yes but we must absolutely celebrate the love in this world – which the is a lot as much as we’d like to think otherwise.

Glam: Since “Just being me” seems an organic album, what can we expect to listen these songs live?

Myles: Expect nothing but soul, passion, intense connection and honest feelings. This is what soul music should be about! The other thing is that I love singing with my fans and I can’t wait to see them all again, so we can sing our hearts away.


Glam: You have been in Portugal in the beginning of 2016. Do you have plans to come back and bring these songs to us?

Myles: Yes I am already in talks with my agents and we are planning a tour for Portugal this summer. I love Portugal for the people as they are very welcoming and friendly. They seem to be music lovers and understand my message. I also love the weather, the food and especially the charcoal grilled piri-piri frango. How do you call it?


Glam: For last, do you want to leave a message for your Portuguese fans?

Myles: Obrigado a todos pelo amor e apoio. Não se esqueça de tocar minha música em voz alta para que seus vizinhos possam ouvi-la! Eu não posso esperar para ver todos vocês em breve.


Photos: Paulo Homem de Melo / Arquivo Glam magazine