Mac DeMarco com novo single… “All Of Our Yesterdays”

Este novo single de DeMarco é o aperitivo para o novo album “Here Comes The Cowboy”, com lançamento previsto para o dia 10 de Maio através da própria editora de Mac Demarco. “Here Comes The Cowboy” marca o regresso de Mac depois da edição em 2017 do disco “This old Dog”.

Este novo lançamento marca igualmente o inicio de mais uma digressão já no próximo dia 13 de Abril com a presença do músico no Festival Coachella. Dia 30 de Maio regressa à Europa com passagem pelo Primavera Sound em Barcelona.

“Hi everybody, Mac here.

Here’s my new song, it’s called ‘All Of Our Yesterdays.’ This was the first song I wrote in the sequence of songs that appear on my new record. Most of the rest of the songs were written in November right before we went on tour in Europe, but this one’s probably from about seven or eight months before that. I left it sitting with only one verse done for a long time, then finished it up while I was writing the rest of the record. The phrase ‘all of our yesterdays’ comes from the play Macbeth. Also I think there’s a Star Trek episode from 1969 with the same title; very cool. I had just seen a documentary about Oasis before writing this song, and I was trying to write a gigantic rock and roll hit with my renewed love for the band. I didn’t really get close to that at all, but I’m happy with the song that came out hahahahaha.

I hope you enjoy, have a nice day.

See ya later.”


Photo: Christine-Lai