Iggy Pop está de regresso com novo álbum… “Free”

Depois de “Post Pop Depression”, Iggy Pop está de regresso com um novo álbum agendado para o dia 6 de Setembro, “Free”, via Loma Vista

Free” é segundo o próprio, um disco completamente diferente do trabalho que o música tem apresentado ao longo de 4 decadas.

Free” como o próprio titulo indica é um disco de libertação das inseguranças que têm afectado Iggy Pop nos últimos anos.


“This is an album in which other artists speak for me, but I lend my voice…

By the end of the tours following Post Pop Depression, I felt sure that I had rid myself of the problem

of chronic insecurity that had dogged my life and career for too long.

But I also felt drained. And I felt like I wanted to put on shades, turn my back, and walk away. Iwanted to be free. I know that’s an illusion, and that freedom is only something you feel, but I have lived my life thus far in the belief that that feeling is all that is worth pursuing; all that you need – not happiness or love necessarily, but the feeling of being free.

So this album just kind of happened to me, and I let it happen.”


photo: Harmony Korine