Howe Gelb regressa em 2019 com novo álbum… “Gathered”

Depois da passagem por Portugal no passado fim de semana, com os Giant Sand, Howe Gelb está de regresso aos originais.


“A Thousand Kisses Deep” com a participação de M. Ward é o primeiro avanço de “Gathered”, cuja edição está agendada para 8 de Março via Fire Records em CD e LP.

Anna Karina, M. Ward, Fernando Vacas, Lost Brothers, Kira Skov, Frank Birch são alguns dos nomes que participam e colaboram com Gelb neste novo disco.

“This is what we’ve gathered;

A savored moment in Cordoba, Spain within the grand hospitality of Fernando Vacas where the gypsies there met their Tucson brethren and ol’ Matt Ward offered up his fine grasp of a Leonard Cohen gem. Then there was a dream in Paris with the amazing Anna Karina adorning the lush production of David Aron-Brunetiére’s version of “Not The End Of The World”.


There was also a long layover in Dublin in which the Lost Brothers kindly offered studio time to tempt this weary traveller in to staying awake with lucky strum and slipstream banter. The brilliant Dutch producer JB Meijers offered up a fine construction of a freshly penned instrumental inspired by the charming Ms. Karina one afternoon outside Amsterdam too. Another time, Frank Birch Pontoppidan allowed for grand capture in Copenhagen with several songs vying for existence. Then came the soulful treasure of Denmark’s Kira Skov adding her tender touch to a sonic sketch done up in Tucson. On another day in Tucson begat the delightful warble of 15 year old Talula having a go on the classic “Moon River”. And finally, the angelic grace of Pieta Brown, who insisted several of these assorted lyrics actually become songs, caressed the wedding song written for Rainer’s son.


No matter the slant of the trampled path or the stumble of new ground, it is these gathered moments of those gathered here that gather a tune or two to dispel the ills associated with the ache amplified and any exhaustive lug along these happy trails to you.

… or so I’ve gathered.” Howe Gelb


Alinhamento de “Gathered”:

On The Fence

A Thousand Kisses Deep feat. M Ward

Not The End Of The World feat. Anna Karina


Give It Up

The Open Road

Moon River feat. Talula Gelb

Flyin’ Off The Rails

Gathered feat. Pieta Brown

All You Need To Know

The Park At Dark

My Little World

Presumptuous feat. Kira Skov