Gavin James acaba de lançar “Afterlife”

O cantor e compositor irlandês Gavin James acaba de lançar “Afterlife”, o seu mais recente single.

Sobre este tema, o artista explica: “The idea for afterlife came from a dream that I had. I was sitting on the roof of my house, there was a tidal wave coming and it was the end of the world. I was up there with my girlfriend and when I woke up I felt a massive feeling of love and overwhelming perspective of where I was in my life and the people I have around me. So I sang the verse idea into my phone Immediately“.

A 17 e 18 de fevereiro, o músico irlandês atua no Hard Club, no Porto, e nos dias 19 e 20 de fevereiro Gavin James apresentar-se-á ao vivo no Musicbox, em Lisboa, na sua Acoustic Residency Tour que o levará por todo o mundo.