DIIV anunciam “Deceiver”… novo álbum para Outubro

O renascimento ocorre quando tudo desmorona. Ao terceiro álbum “Deceiver” os DIIV criam a banda sonora da ressurreição sustentada por guitarras robustas e uma grande afirmação vocal.

Zachary Cole Smith, Andrew Bailey, Colin Caulfield e Ben Newman partilham o single de apresentação de “Deceier”,  “Skin Game” assente num riff de guitarras e que desdobra numa sonoridade em harmonia.

“It’s an imaginary dialogue between two characters, which could either be myself or people I know,” refere Zachary Cole Smith, e complementa… “I spent six months in several different rehab facilities at the beginning of 2017. I was living with other addicts. Being a recovering addict myself, there are a lot of questions like, ‘Who are we? What is this disease?’ Our last record was about recovery in general, but I truthfully didn’t buy in. I decided to live in my disease instead. “Skin Game” looks at where the pain comes from. I’m looking at the personal, physical, emotional, and broader political experiences feeding into the cycle of addiction for millions of us.”


Deceiver” tem edição agendada para 4 de Outubro via Captured Tracks